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BMG Artists

Dallas-based BMG Artists LLC, is a booking and management agency exclusively representing a limited roster of unique performing artists, acts and production shows. BMG Artists provides an array of services including booking, producing, marketing, production management, and tour management.

Booking Services
BMG Artists offers complete booking representation to all performance markets including, Performing Arts Center (PAC), Community Arts groups, regional theaters, community theaters, amusement parks, casino, college and fairs. Additionally, BMG Artists markets to the corporate entertainment market. Full booking management services include business development, contracting and event coordination. BMG Artists services US, Canada come international markets.

Advancing Services
BMG Artists provides Advancing Services acting as a liaison with the show buyer and performers. All necessary communication and planning is coordinated by us to ensure the performance is a complete success. Our Advancing Services includes management of technical rider, production planning and coordination, and venue communication.

Marketing and Promotion Services
BMG Artists offers Marketing Services to clients and show buyers to help successfully promote and communicate the act or particular performance to make it a success. Services include design, PR, promotions, social media, media coordination and web services.

Tour Management Services
BMG Artists offers Tour Management Services to clients including comprehensive scheduling of all tour days including transportation, lodging, budgeting of tour expenses and all logistics for road days going to or from venues.

Production Management Services
BMG Artists offers Production Management Services to clients including technical support, equipment, lighting and sound design, engineering, staffing, set design and logistics. Our knowledgeable staff of experienced production and technical personnel can assist with any need for live performance.



BMG Artists

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