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Blue Collar Opera

"Blue Collar Opera is a virtuoso musical adventure
that celebrates the regular guy in all of us."

Blue Collar OperaBlue Collar Opera is a new show featuring virtuoso vocals that combines an entertainment trifecta of incredible talent, delightful story and down home laughs.

Blue Collar Opera is an entertainment experience that is incomparable in its unique coupling of vocal mastery and down home humorous fun. The music featured in the show is a rich combination of classic, opera, Broadway, jazz and pop – something for everyone with a unifying thread of amazing voices, loveable personalities and a heart warming celebration of ordinary people.

"Blue Collar Opera is sure to become an American classic with knee-slapping, toe-tapping entertainment for years to come."

Blue Collar Opera features a fantastically talented quartet of highly acclaimed singers who have performed on some of the great opera and theatrical stages in the country. The cast includes the stylings of a powerful Tenor, rich Baritone, deep Bass and a beautiful Soprano. Together, their voices form a delightful musical feast that will not be soon forgotten.

Blue Collar Opera The surprise comes when you discover those incredible voices come from an unexpected source -- ordinary, regular, good ol’ boys. That’s right, blue collar kind-of-folks. Then these boys (and gal) take you on a musical adventure of a lifetime. Along the way, you’re treated to amazing voices, incredible music and a few laughs that just might get you a giggling.

Beyond the music, this feast of entertainment delight tells the story of the ordinary that exists in every person. It is a revelation, a window into the extraordinay thoughts and dreams of ordinary people represented by a talented blue collar cast.

All told, an evening with Blue Collar Opera is like drinking from a fire hose of love. Audiences walk away with the sweet smile of satisfaction that they just saw something very extraordinary!

Blue Collar Opera is like a journey back to the stages of yester year or the Golden Horseshoe Saloon at Disneyland only with a down home twist and voices that will amaze audiences. Buckle up for a wonderful evening of fun and musical delight. C'mon, now!

Blue Collar Opera is produced by BCO, LLC and Kurt Baxter. The show is written by Peter Sham with music and arrangements by Brad Carroll.


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