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Think Stomp. Think Blue Man Group. No, think JEERK.

You have to see JEERK in action before you can really understand this show – guys who wear red plaid pants, custom tap shoes made from sneakers, play all original music, play bottles, sing, and beat out rhythms using vent pipes, power tools and everything in between.


This show is so unique it's hard to put a label on just what it is. One minute JEERK is playing rhythmic drums, with driving lead, rhythm and bass guitars on an original song; and the next minute they’re playing a fun melody by blowing in half filled bottles; or tapping out complicated rhythms on the stage. And while all this is going on, they are engaging the audience with humor, drawing them into the performance. This show adds a breath of fresh air to any live performance offering.

This very original rhythm performance group originated in Sweden and became one of the most popular acts in Europe. They have performed on stage in Bucharest, Istanbul, Frankfurt, Basel and Milan. Their TV credits include the opening ceremonies of the European Athletics Championship, the Eurovision Song Contest and the popular dance show “Dansez Pentru Tine,” in Romania.


“We are a tap dance group, rock band, and percussion group all combined,” said founding member Thomas Bergstig. “When you see our show, you really feel like you experienced something very original, very powerful.”

Not to be pigeonholed into one genre or style, they perform varied styles of dance, primarily tap dancing, and feature rhythms made by converting ordinary items like hockey sticks, trash cans and rubber boots into percussion instruments.

The group was formed more than a decade ago by friends who were attending the performing arts school in Göteborg, Sweden. The group writes, produces, choreographs and essentially have a hand in every aspect of the show.


Their international success brought them to the U.S. for the first time in 2009 when they performed at Silver Dollar City as part of WorldFest. They now call Branson home for several months each year when they aren’t touring the world.

Last year, the group released its first album of all original material called “Famous,” which was written and produced by JEERK. “The record is being played on dozens of radio stations across the country, and the feedback from our fans has been especially good,” said founding member
Nikke Karlsson.


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